Chesbro Music Co. covers the Eddy Finn ukuleles with a
1-year warranty and then a Limited Lifetime warranty on first-time owned

instruments only.
Owner’s Responsibility

To make sure your warranty is valid, please register your product on-line within
10 days of the original purchase. If you received this ukulele as a gift,

please register it as soon as possible.

(Your information will not be shared or sold as per our privacy notice).
Please keep your ukulele in an environment of 40-45 % humidity.
Alterations to and/or negligence of the ukulele will void the warranty.
Warranty-related ukulele service must be performed by an authorized Eddy Finn
repair person. Please contact Chesbro Music Co. for information at

1-800-CHESBRO (1-800-243-7276).
Warranty for New Instruments

The one-year and limited lifetime warranty is granted to the original retail purchaser or to
the gift recipient (with a gift receipt as proof) on new instruments only. Please register the

instrument to make this process easier.

Our ukuleles will be quality controlled before shipping. We want our customers to feel

secure that they are buying the best product available.

The one-year warranty covers products purchased from an authorized dealer and must
be brand new. Chesbro Music Co. will repair or replace parts that are factory defective
under normal use during the first year. If it is necessary to replace the instrument, we will

replace it with the same style or a similar style of the same value.

The limited lifetime warranty covers the repair or replacement of some parts due to

normal use as long as the instrument is correctly humidified.

The warranty does not cover strings, sharp frets, cracks caused by lack of humidity,
damage caused by accessories such as straps, picks, ukulele stands, ukulele hangers,
cables, and any altered information such as trademarks, logos, and serial number.

Warranty For Blemished, Used, or Factory Seconds.

These items are sold at a discount and do not have a warranty, however, if there is an
issue or problem with a blemished, used, or factory second within the first 10 days of
purchase, please contact 1-800-CHESBRO (1-800-243-7276). They should be registered

in case any repair is needed. There may be a charge for the repair.
Where To Get Repair or Warranty Service

Please contact the Repair Department at 1-800-Chesbro (1-800-243-7276) and ask for
extension 1226 or you can call 1-208-932-1226. Please leave a voicemail if no one


The person on the warranty registration is responsible for the freight to Chesbro Music Co.

  • Please include a note in the shipping box with the following information:
     Your name, address, and daytime telephone number in case the repair person
    needs to call for further information.
  • What is wrong with the ukulele? Please be specific.
  • Is it best to return the repaired ukulele by delivery truck, such as UPS, or by mail?
    If the ukulele can be repaired under the warranty, there will be no charge for the repair and
    we will pay the freight back to you. If not under the warranty, we will call before making
    the repair to let you know the cost. At that time, we will ask for payment information.