How do I care for my instrument?

When you aren’t busy playing your ukulele, make sure to store the instrument in a safe place. Preferably in a gig bag or case. Also, you will want to keep you uke humidified around 40%-45% humidity. The finish (both gloss and open pore) are polyurethane. Most guitar polishes will be safe however you will want to avoid those with additives such as oil or wax. After intense playing sessions, it’s always good practice to wipe down your strings and fingerboard with a dry microfiber cloth. This will help prolong the life of your strings as well as make sure they are clean for the next playing session.

What brand of strings come on your ukuleles?

All of our ukuleles are strung with Aquilla strings. 

Where are Eddy Finn ukuleles made?

Our ukuleles are designed in Idaho Falls, ID USA and manufactured overseas in China. 

Where can I buy these ukuleles?

They are available in a few select stores across the U.S. and we are working towards being able to offer these online. In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing one of these, please email us at team@eddyfinnofficial.com and we will help you out.